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Women's water socks

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Aqua Speed ​​women's water socks are the perfect solution for lovers of water activities. They provide excellent protection for your feet against abrasions and cuts, so you can enjoy comfort while swimming, surfing or walking on the beach. Made of durable and quick-drying material, they guarantee comfort and long-term use. The anti-slip sole ensures safe steps on wet surfaces.

We present our collection of Aqua Speed ​​women's water socks, which provide not only comfort, but also protection for your feet during all water activities.

Women's water socks

Comfort and protection for your feet in all conditions
Our water socks are designed with a unique combination of functionality and comfort in mind. Made of high-quality materials, they ensure not only a perfect fit to the foot, but also protection against abrasions, stones and other potential threats. Additionally, flexible finishes ensure stability and grip on wet and slippery surfaces.

Available in a variety of designs and colors, our women's water socks not only protect your feet, but also add style to any water activity, from swimming to diving.

Get ready for unforgettable moments on the water with our women's water socks from Aqua Speed ​​and enjoy complete comfort and safety during every adventure!

Rules worth remembering when using Aqua Speed ​​water socks

When using our water socks, it is worth remembering: 

  1. Avoid rough surfaces: The socks are designed for use in water and on smooth, wet surfaces. Avoid walking on sharp stones, shells or rough concrete surfaces to prevent abrasion and damage.
  2. Rinse thoroughly after use: After each use in salt or chlorinated water, rinse your socks thoroughly in clean water. This will help remove any residual salts and chemicals that may affect the material.
  3. Dry naturally: Air dry the socks, avoiding direct contact with intense sunlight or heat sources such as radiators. Extreme temperatures can damage the material.
  4. Remove carefully: When removing your socks, do not pull them forcibly, especially when they are wet. Slide them gently off your feet so as not to stretch the material and damage the seams.
  5. Store in appropriate conditions: After drying, store the socks in a dry and ventilated place. Avoid keeping them in damp or closed spaces where mold could grow.

Following these rules will allow you to enjoy longer use of Aqua Speed ​​women's water socks in excellent condition.