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Open Water accessories

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Open Water Aqua Speed ​​accessories are reliable and high-quality products designed for open water swimming enthusiasts. The offer includes a variety of products, such as fins, masks, snorkels, vests and other accessories that ensure safety and comfort during each expedition. Made of durable and resistant materials, Aqua Speed ​​accessories are characterized by ergonomic design and modern technological solutions that support efficiency and comfort of use. Thanks to the wide range of products available, both beginners and experienced swimmers will find the perfect equipment for themselves. By choosing Open Water Aqua Speed ​​accessories, you can be sure of the highest quality and reliability during every water adventure.

Open Water Aqua Speed ​​accessories

Get ready for exciting open water adventures with Open Water accessories from Aqua Speed. Our range has been carefully designed to ensure comfort, safety and performance when swimming in lakes, seas and oceans. Thanks to high-quality materials and innovative solutions, Aqua Speed ​​accessories are perfect for both amateurs and professionals.

Features of Open Water Aqua Speed ​​accessories:

Neoprene wetsuits – provide excellent thermal insulation and protection against abrasions, ensuring comfort during long-term swimming in cold waters.

Safety Buoys – Light and easy to see, they increase the swimmer's visibility in open water, providing additional safety.

Swimming goggles - equipped with anti-reflective coatings and UV filters, provide excellent visibility and eye protection even on the sunniest days.

Swimming caps - made of flexible and durable materials, ensure a comfortable fit and minimize resistance in the water.

Neoprene gloves and shoes - additional protection and comfort for hands and feet, irreplaceable when swimming in difficult conditions.

Open Water Aqua Speed ​​accessories are synonymous with reliability and functionality. Our products were created to meet the requirements of even the most demanding swimmers, ensuring not only comfort, but also safety when swimming in open water. Discover our offer and equip yourself with accessories that will improve the quality of your training and trips to open water. Enjoy swimming with Aqua Speed!

What are OPEN WATER competitions?

Open Water competitions are swimming races that take place in open bodies of water, such as seas, lakes, rivers or bays. Unlike traditional swimming competitions, which take place in pools, Open Water competitions feature longer distances, changing environmental conditions, and require specific skills and strategies from participants. Open Water competitions can range from shorter races of 1-2 kilometers to swimming marathons of 10 kilometers or more. Most Open Water competitions begin with a mass start, where all participants start simultaneously from the starting line. This often leads to intense competition and physical contact at the start of the race, which requires additional skill and courage.

Popularity and importance of Open Water competitions:

Open Water competitions are gaining popularity around the world. They are part of the programs of events such as the FINA World Swimming Championships and the Olympic Games. In addition, many countries hold local and regional Open Water races, attracting both professional athletes and amateurs.

These competitions offer unique challenges and experiences, combining swimming skills with the natural water environment. With its variety and challenging conditions, Open Water attracts swimmers looking for new and exciting adventures and endurance tests.

Open Water competitions are an exciting and challenging type of swimming competition that takes place on open bodies of water. They are characterized by long distances, changing environmental conditions and require participants to have excellent endurance, navigation skills and strategic thinking. Due to its uniqueness and growing popularity, Open Water competitions are an important part of the swimming world, attracting both professional athletes and amateurs from around the world.